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Farmers Market

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Farmers Market

With the implementation of lockdown due to the coronavirus, many restrictions have caused communities to feel the pressure of being limited. Being caught up with less to do as you are stuck at home, many who has green fingers realized they still had the freedom to plant and grow their own garden. With the recent droughts and water restrictions, many people in Zoar could see the effect it had on their gardens. People who planted vegetables in their gardens risked not having a harvest as the prolonged hot sun and dry soil caused plants to wither away. With sudden changes in weather conditions such as regular rainfall, the area is experiencing relief. With lockdown still in place, but with dams and rivers having more water than in recent years, instead of taking a risk, people took courage by planting and already harvesting their first home grown vegetables.

The dam at Waterval Farmstay is one of the dams in the area which is full.

Proud local gardeners in Zoar, Nada and Malcolm Anta but also Ernest and Dianne Hardien showing fellow Zoarraners their harvest recently on a local social media platform.

The proud shared pictures of harvest among Zoar community members spoke about the hope that is rising again to plant. Desmond Sauer who is already part of the Zoar community, owner of Waterval Farmstay, inspire others to plant their own food. He has been creating a hopeful life on this piece of heaven, called Waterval. With donations from farmers in the surrounding area, the seed he received form K2 and Seedlings from Alex Kruger, he shares with people in Zoar, Hoeko, Ladismith and Van Wyksdorp.

Desmond calling his harvest in this basket in his Facebook post recently the “vaccine from my garden”

Desmond continues to inspire people to plant and now he is busy with members of Zoar Tourism to launch a Farmers Market as a project to create a platform for people in the Zoar/Amalienstein, Opsoek, and Hoeko area to sell their harvest. With the ” Zoar Oes Fees” not being able to take place this year due to Covid-19, this platform will ensure a continuous opportunity for the area to engage each other and sell their local and homemade products. The Farmers Market will cater for the selling of homemade and homegrown products such as fruit, vegetables, homemade canned and bottled products, dried products, flowers, plants, herbs, honey, etc. as long as it is not bought in and you’re not a broker. The confirmed date scheduled and more details will follow in the social media platforms, Zoarraner…dis wat ek is and Zoar Tourism, used by people locally.

Maria Hess and Floors Gertse among others, received seed from Desmond Sauer who shares the seed he received through donations.

Look out for future dates and how to proceed with getting your Farmers Market stall up and running.

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